What is a Dog-Ring Transmission?

  Transmission is one of the most important parts when transferring the power produced by the engine to the wheels. Today, there are a wide variety of transmission types, and there are systems that provide completely different types of transmission in racing vehicles. One of them is a sequential gearbox, and a completely different transmission is provided by the Dog-Ring system. So what is the Dog-Ring? The answer is in the rest of the article… Dog-Ring is actually the name of a gear and is used in sequential transmissions. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to inform about sequential gearboxes. What is a Sequential Transmission? We have explained the subject in detail in our article. Sequential Transmissions are configured to work faster than conventional manual transmissions by nature, and downshifts and upshifts are done manually with a kind of automated system. Therefore, it provides a very serious time advantage compared to conventional transmissions. Sequential